Building Value. Building Brands.

Multidisciplinary Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Event Production (basically, full service) Firm.

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A comprehensive, multidisciplinary branding, marketing event production and advertising agency that blends structured business, fluid creativity and cutting edge innovation.


We deliver reliable results and
forward-thinking solutions.  

Identify Brand Goals & Objectives

Create Brand Strategy

Go-To-Market Implementation

Develop Brand Campaigns

Social Media Integration

Identify Project Vision

Define Goals & Objectives

Create Project Execution Strategy

Brand Engagement 

Comprehensive Event Production

Rebrand, Reposition or Define Brand Goals & Objectives

Align Brand Collateral and Communications with ‘New Identity’

Perform Customer Analytics

Identify Brand Growth Avenues

SAX, Inc. is a boutique-style, comprehensive, multidisciplinary branding, marketing and advertising agency that blends structured business and fluid creativity together with cutting edge innovation in Los Angeles, CA. SAX has a unique and diversified agenda that spans every aspect of branding, marketing, business solutions, project management, event production, sponsorship procurement and web and collateral design.

Sax Inc. is comprised of an exceptional team of young professionals, represented by Creative Artist Agency (CAA). SAX Inc. in Los Angeles has quickly earned a rock-solid reputation for embarking on highly ambitious projects and successfully executing them. We are strategists, designers, entertainment attorneys and storytellers, all driven by one specific purpose…Building value and monetizing brands.