Kara Sax | CEO + President

Proof: Results. Results. Results. Kara works closely with her clients drives all divisions to flawless execution, ensuring they produce for all of our clients.  She works closely with all of the multidisciplinary divisions to set strategy and create forward-thinking campaigns.

Experience: Kara has served hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals in virtually every industry as President, Consultant, Project Manager, Strategist and Volunteer and is strongly committed to the call of duty. She has solid leadership experience in event production, strategic planning, finance, sales and brand management. Kara has a proven track record of creating brand recognition, expanding company vision and increasing revenue streams and profitability across dynamic environments. 

Fun Facts: In Kara’s spare time, she enjoys bass fishing, eating Hagen-Daz ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top and pretending she is a shark on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.