Chrissy Cutting, Copy Editor 

Experience: UCLA Summa Cum Laude Graduate with a degree in English and Political Science, Chrissy holds diverse interests. She is an Editor, Writer, Environmental Activist, Community Organizer, Political Science Buff and Avid Adventurer. She is named editor of several books and has been published in the Los Angeles Daily News. Extending beyond simply editing your punctuation errors, Chrissy is skilled at drawing out meaning and clarifying points, specializing in maintaining the author’s voice in all edited work.

Having previously worked for two of the largest environmental non-profits in the world, the Sierra Club and Greenpeace USA, Chrissy has experience developing campaign messages and transforming ideas on paper into reality on the ground.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Chrissy enjoys climbing glaciers, traversing foreign landscapes, and hiking through primordial forests. From Glacier National Park to the monuments of Washington D.C. and from the ruins of ancient Rome to the high cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Chrissy has trekked them all.